Full and Fragrant Hair Rinse- Beauty Remedies of North Africa

I was told of an old beauty remedy for full, luxurious hair that was used by Moroccan women for centuries. The women would use this mixture on their hair, sprinkle it on themselves as a perfume and even around the home for a relaxing, alluring smell.


1 handful lavender
1 handful rose petals
1 handful cloves
800 ml water

Add the lavender, rose petals and cloves to a pot of water. Bring to the boil and simmer until the water turns purple from the lavender. Turn it off, let it cool and drain it into a 750ml bottle or a jar. Whenever you wash your hair, rinse this through your hair and pat it dry. The lavender and cloves will work to make your hair fuller, longer and healthier. The roses will add a beautiful fragrance.

*If you don't have roses or lavender available, you can add a few drops of its' essential oil instead. Rose water is okay in place of petals too, add 1/4 cup.


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