Natural Rouge: Beauty Remedies of North Africa

Before the advent of lipstick, North African women have been applying this natural rouge to their lips and cheeks for ages.


2 beetroots

Wash your beetroots, cut off the tops and cover them in water. Cover the pot and boil them on medium heat until the beetroots are soft. Take the beetroots out of the water without throwing the water out, and preferably, peel them and eat them. It is said they are very good for women's health. They taste great in Moroccan beetroot salad.

Now put about 1/4 cup of butter into a bowl, and mix a tablespoon of beetroot juice (that was left in the pot) in with the butter. Mix it in well, use your hands if you have to. Keep mixing until the butter and juice are blended together and rouge in color. You can add a bit more juice if you like, experiment and see how dark you want it but you might have to add a bit more butter if it gets too runny. Now apply this rouge to your lips, cheeks or eyelids as you desire and store it in the fridge in a sealed jar/container. The mixture will last a few days.


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