Homemade Seasoned Breadcrumbs: American Soul Food Recipe

This is the recipe for the spiced breadcrumbs that I use to make seasoned baked potato wedges and seasoned baked chicken. It can be used to season fish, calamari and patties too. To make seasoned breadcrumbs, you will need a spice grinder.

Seasoned Breadcrumbs

Ingredients- Breadcrumbs:

4 slices day old bread (or 1 Moroccan bread)

Ingredients- Seasoning Salt:
1 tbsp sweet paprika
1 tsp garlic powder, or 1 cube garlic powder (run through the grinder)
1 tsp pepper
salt to taste

Run your bread through the food grinder, and put into a bowl. Mix 2 cups of breadcrumbs well with the seasoning salt.

*If you want spicy hot seasoning for your breadcrumbs, add cayenne pepper, chili powder or hot curry powder as you wish.
*For shake and bake recipes, put the seasoned breadcrumbs in a sealed bag with your pieces of food, and shake it up until it's well coated.
*Store breadcrumbs in the freezer. Plain breadcrumbs have many uses.
*The seasoning salt can be stored in a jar or a shaker and used to spice up your cooking. :))


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