My Day in Marrakesh

Picture owned by Halal Mama

Seeing Halal Mama's pictures of Djema al-fna has inspired me to write about my first journey there. I travelled down to Marrakesh about 2 weeks ago with my husband and children. It was an amazing place, full of traditional African-style architecture and the sights, sounds and cuisine make it such a unique Moroccan destination.

Djema al-fna was full of snake charmers, dancing monkeys, vendors, story-tellers, Gnaouan dance troops, horse carriages, motorists, tourists and lunatics! People slowly kept pouring in until it was packed by the late afternoon. The constant beating of drums gave it a sub-Saharan African feel. We prayed in the great Koutoubia Mosque, with it's 900 year-old colossal minaret and AlMohad style interior. Then we headed over to a restaurant in the early afternoon which was jam-packed with tourists. Their menu was pricey and their meals undersized. I could tell their kitchen was lacking in women, who cook Moroccan dishes with supreme flavor. Afterwards we entered the souq (market). It was full of various merchandise including souvenirs, food, clothes and all manner of traditional hand-crafted goods. I bought myself a cute little pink babouche keyring as a souvenir.

Unfortunately we had to go before nightfall so I missed out on all the flavor of Marrakeshi cuisine. However we did drink some spicy red cinnamon tea before we left, and it was splendid. We also had a taste of Marrakeshi 'sellou' which was soft with a sweet nutty taste. I definitely will be returning to amazing Marrakesh. B)

*Pictures of my trip coming soon


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