Overnight Foot Softener- Beauty Remedies of North Africa

Wouldn't it be great if you could apply a treatment at night, and wake up with soft, pampered feet? This is another great age-old remedy that Moroccan women use, to soften up rough, dry feet.


1 four inch candle, about as thick as a thumb
1 tbsp olive oil
2-3 drops rose oil

Chop up the candle into 1 inch pieces and pull out the wick. Put the candle into a pot with the olive oil and rose oil, and put it over gentle heat. Stir the wax and oil together with a spoon. Now let this cool and put it into a jar. You can double this amount or even triple it, it will last a long time. Wash your feet and dry well. Apply the wax generously to your feet and cover with cotton socks. Have a good sleep and wake up with your feet soft and pampered. Use as often as needed. Store the jar in a cool, dry place.


Thank you for sharing this...I must try it. :)
Shadia said…
You're welcome. My sister in law showed me this and it softened up my worn out feet. :)

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