Monday, October 24, 2011

OMG, where have I been?

I have been so busy since I moved back to Morocco. We went on holiday, then the month of Ramadan was absolutely hectic. My kids are back at school, and I've started a diploma in dress design. I go three days a week, and I've been learning how to cut out traditional Moroccan patterns, sew them and embroider them with crocheted silk. I've had a dress cut out for my 4 year old daughter last week, and I've taken it to a tailor to get the edges overlocked. Inside the community center where I'm learning there are about ten traditional sewing machines, two of them work with electricity and the others work with a pedal that makes a wheel go round, and makes the needle work. Reminds me of the spinning wheel in the story Rumpelstiltskin. lol. But hey, it does the job and works when there's no electricity!

There are about 5 women all studying with me. I can only work when my 8 month old baby is asleep. Otherwise, I have to hold her and observe, or sometimes if I'm lucky, a young girl who studies there may hold her for a while if she finishes her work. It is so impossible to find a babysitter here. There is a preschool inside the community center, but it consists of older children, who all line up to kiss my baby. Including the snotty nosed sick ones. So I'm not going to be putting her there just yet. Especially since I've decided not to immunize this one. So when I complete my daughter's kaftan, I'll post up pictures if anyone is interested in seeing. Let me know! Barik Allah feekum. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

I'm up early this morning. I do truly believe that the early bird gets the worm. My husband called me at about 5am to wake me up for the morning prayer, so I woke up, made ablution and prayed. Then he called me at 6am and said make tea, he's bringing man'ush (Lebanese pizza) for breakfast, so just as I was about to go back to sleep, I got up again, put on a little make-up and perfume, then I made a pot of Moroccan tea.

So I've prayed, had a fabulous breakfast, managed to hang out my laundry already and I'm up early blogging. I've already got so much done this morning. I've had enough sleep! In half an hour, I'm off to shop for a new skirt. I think waking up early is a great start to the day.

'There is blessing in the early morning for the believer'    -Prophet Mohammed

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Freshwater Pearls

I've been so busy with my infant and 4 year old that I've hardly had time to update this blog.

Lately I've been obsessed with freshwater pearl jewelry. I ordered a couple of sets off of ebay, and they all arrived looking magnificent. Freshwater pearls are a beautiful alternative to salt water akoya pearls, which are expensive because they're the real mccoy!

Shell pearls are okay, but I'd only buy them if I was strapped for money because they're not real pearls. I also ordered a shell pearl pendant which looks nice. But it doesn't have the same lacquer and shine as a freshwater pearl pendant. It came with a shell pearl ring as a free gift, and the 'pearl' fell off after just one day of wearing it. Dropped on the floor while I was changing my clothes. Ah well, didn't pay for it anyway. :S

I need to research some natural remedies for the relief of hayfever. My husband has been suffering constant sneezing and itchy, watery eyes since autumn began, and over the counter medications haven't offered much relief! Suggestions anyone?

 Will blog soon. Peace :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural Remedy for Baby with Colic or Gas

If you'd had a baby with gas that won't settle down, you'll know how distressing it is for them. The baby just can't relax because s/he's in so much pain, often screaming and crying through sleepless nights. I've tried gripe water and that's an excellent remedy indeed, but I've found that it only brings out gas that is coming up, not down. Baby lets out a great big burp but passing wind still remains the main problem.

Chamomile tea is the best remedy I've ever tried, and it settles baby's tummy for the next one or two days. This is the recipe I use for my newborn-


  • 1 ounce chamomile tea
  • 1 ounce boiled water
Add ingredients to a bottle and mix well. Make sure it's warm by testing on your wrist before giving to baby, preferably after a feed and a nappy change when baby's ready to settle down to sleep. Giving baby a bath and a gentle massage with baby lotion or oil helps a lot too.


It's a Girl

Praise be to Allah I've had a girl. I'm still recovering from the birth and I have a couple of remedies I'd like to share while I'm at it. Of course naturally because I've just had a baby, my posts might start including the subject of childcare more often. Especially since most of my posts are about what I've been up to lately, for example if I cook something I post up the recipe or if I use a remedy and it works I post that up too. So stay tuned. :)