Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural Remedy for Baby with Colic or Gas

If you'd had a baby with gas that won't settle down, you'll know how distressing it is for them. The baby just can't relax because s/he's in so much pain, often screaming and crying through sleepless nights. I've tried gripe water and that's an excellent remedy indeed, but I've found that it only brings out gas that is coming up, not down. Baby lets out a great big burp but passing wind still remains the main problem.

Chamomile tea is the best remedy I've ever tried, and it settles baby's tummy for the next one or two days. This is the recipe I use for my newborn-


  • 1 ounce chamomile tea
  • 1 ounce boiled water
Add ingredients to a bottle and mix well. Make sure it's warm by testing on your wrist before giving to baby, preferably after a feed and a nappy change when baby's ready to settle down to sleep. Giving baby a bath and a gentle massage with baby lotion or oil helps a lot too.


It's a Girl

Praise be to Allah I've had a girl. I'm still recovering from the birth and I have a couple of remedies I'd like to share while I'm at it. Of course naturally because I've just had a baby, my posts might start including the subject of childcare more often. Especially since most of my posts are about what I've been up to lately, for example if I cook something I post up the recipe or if I use a remedy and it works I post that up too. So stay tuned. :)