It's a Girl

Praise be to Allah I've had a girl. I'm still recovering from the birth and I have a couple of remedies I'd like to share while I'm at it. Of course naturally because I've just had a baby, my posts might start including the subject of childcare more often. Especially since most of my posts are about what I've been up to lately, for example if I cook something I post up the recipe or if I use a remedy and it works I post that up too. So stay tuned. :)


Umm Aaminah said…
Mabrook sis! Was wondering where your posts were; guess we can all see how busy you've been!

So happy for you and your family...

Ma salaama..
Shadia said…
Thanks ukhti. Yes, been so busy my blog has been rather neglected lately alhamdullah. :) Wasalam.
Anonymous said…
Muhbrook! Alhumdullilah
What did you name her?

Love Asiya xxX
Shadia said…
Her name is Aicha :) Thank you

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