Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

I'm up early this morning. I do truly believe that the early bird gets the worm. My husband called me at about 5am to wake me up for the morning prayer, so I woke up, made ablution and prayed. Then he called me at 6am and said make tea, he's bringing man'ush (Lebanese pizza) for breakfast, so just as I was about to go back to sleep, I got up again, put on a little make-up and perfume, then I made a pot of Moroccan tea.

So I've prayed, had a fabulous breakfast, managed to hang out my laundry already and I'm up early blogging. I've already got so much done this morning. I've had enough sleep! In half an hour, I'm off to shop for a new skirt. I think waking up early is a great start to the day.

'There is blessing in the early morning for the believer'    -Prophet Mohammed


Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis, thanks for stopping by! BTW how is the new baby? Insha'Allah she is growing beautifully!

We should be in Tunis by July but it's still pending on a few issues. Insha'Allah by this summer.

I'm on fb; Jeanna Buhl Lawrence. Find me please sis! Oh but mum on the tunisia move; my family doesn't know until we are certain. :-)

Ma salaama!

Anonymous said...

salama alayki sister, LIVE AND DIRECT FROM THE UK!!! LOL Yes when I get good night rest even if it is only few hours I don't mind staying up after fajr and beginning my day. Hamdulillah I have got a few things done this morning. We have had our breakfast and my daughter is ready for her Quran class. Jazakillhu khayran 4 following my busy, crazy life blog! I do appreciate your lovely comments and the interest you show. I love a cup of tea, your moroccan tea you mentioned is that with herbs added? I add cardamons and cloves to my tea, soo refreshing and strong to kick start my morning!! he he

Shadia said...

Salam alaykum Sanaa, what happened sister? I can't see your blog anymore.