OMG, where have I been?

I have been so busy since I moved back to Morocco. We went on holiday, then the month of Ramadan was absolutely hectic. My kids are back at school, and I've started a diploma in dress design. I go three days a week, and I've been learning how to cut out traditional Moroccan patterns, sew them and embroider them with crocheted silk. I've had a dress cut out for my 4 year old daughter last week, and I've taken it to a tailor to get the edges overlocked. Inside the community center where I'm learning there are about ten traditional sewing machines, two of them work with electricity and the others work with a pedal that makes a wheel go round, and makes the needle work. Reminds me of the spinning wheel in the story Rumpelstiltskin. lol. But hey, it does the job and works when there's no electricity!

There are about 5 women all studying with me. I can only work when my 8 month old baby is asleep. Otherwise, I have to hold her and observe, or sometimes if I'm lucky, a young girl who studies there may hold her for a while if she finishes her work. It is so impossible to find a babysitter here. There is a preschool inside the community center, but it consists of older children, who all line up to kiss my baby. Including the snotty nosed sick ones. So I'm not going to be putting her there just yet. Especially since I've decided not to immunize this one. So when I complete my daughter's kaftan, I'll post up pictures if anyone is interested in seeing. Let me know! Barik Allah feekum. :)


Umm Aaminah said…
Masha'Allah sis, so impressed. :)Good to have you back.
washi said…
Welcome back! And I would love to see those please post inshaAllah :)
No Nme said…
Assalamu alaikum Sister. Congratulations on your baby girl.

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